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How to Spend Singles Awareness Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and the world is going crazy with reds and pinks, and chocolates and stuffed animals.  As much as I appreciate love and romance, I can also appreciate autonomy.  Sometimes, it’s nice to spend a little quality time with yourself.

I had a little Valentine’s Day photo shoot recently that I thought I might share.  These are just some suggestions as to how to enjoy your “Singles Awareness Day”.  Since I’m posting late, perhaps this will help you for next year. 😉

Step 1: Find a Cuddle Buddy

Gina Marie Rodriguez Shoot 2-6265
Photography by Walter Rodriguez, Makeup by Brigitte Goncalves

There’s nothing wrong with needing a little cuddle time.  So grab your favorite stuffed animal, snuggle up and put on a good movie.  Make sure to pick something that makes you smile.

Step 2: Indulge Your Sweet Tooth (AKA- Candy Coma)

Gina Marie Rodriguez Shoot 2-6364
Photography by Walter Rodriguez, Makeup by Brigitte Goncalves

Buy yourself a bunch of chocolate candies because you deserve it!  No shame in taking a nice little nap after filling up…. I know I can’t be the only one who gets sleepy after eating a pound of candy.

Step 3: Have a Night Cap

Gina Marie Rodriguez Shoot 2-5928
Photography by Walter Rodriguez, Makeup by Brigitte Goncalves

Once you’re out of your coma, make yourself a nice dinner (because real food at some point will come in handy) and pour yourself a drink.  Or you can drink it right out of that bottle, girl.  You do you.

In closing, remember to take the time to pamper yourself, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not.  You deserve it!

I hope that you have had a lovely and happy Valentine’s/Singles Awareness Day.

Meeting Cute with “The Intern”

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the dating scene so I figured it best to ease into it.

I took myself on a lovely “me date” today and because I am a true gentleman, I bought myself a bouquet of roses just to make it extra special.


Aren’t they pretty?!?

Cliché or not, I love flowers.  They make me smile (and a good date should always end in smiles).  Me, myself and I also enjoyed a lovely trip to the movies to see “The Intern.”  I absolutely LOVED it; so instead of telling you more about my quest to turn my life around and take myself on weekly dates (because I do indeed plan to start dating myself), I am going to give you my review of “The Intern.”



There are two women whom I not-so-secretly aspire to be, Tina Fey and Nancy Meyers.  Most of you know the creative genius of Tina Fey but fewer of you may recognize Nancy Meyers as she tends to hide behind the camera.

Nancy Meyers is the writer behind some of my favorite films, “Father of the Bride,” “Something’s Gotta Give,” and “The Holiday” just to name a few.  Her latest creation, “The Intern” does not disappoint.

Meyers has a way of providing her characters with monologues that undoubtedly resonate with her audience.  She somehow manages to bring to life all of our inner fears, desires, and thoughts in her almost unbelievably open and honest characters.  Maybe we aren’t all as willing to tell our life stories to strangers (except maybe the girl who blogs daily…) but Meyers’ characters make it easy to believe.  They are so wonderfully vulnerable and raw in a way that most of us can only wish to be.

Boasting a cast of stars such as Robert De Niro, Rene Russo, and Anne Hathaway “The Intern” bestowed upon its audience a cast of truly lovable, flawed, fantastic individuals.  This is one of De Niro’s softest and sweetest characters to date, light-years from his “Casino” days and nothing like his excursion with the Fockers. His incarnation of Ben Whittaker is the grandpa that everyone wants to adopt.

There were moments of utterly unrealistic proportions but in a rom-com (esque) formula, they fit superbly.  Despite these somewhat silly moments, myself and the audience were fully willing to suspend our disbelief for the duration of the enthralling 2 hour storyline.

Anne Hathaway plays the female entrepreneur that everyone smiles at but secretly judges as soon as she steps away.  In other words, Anne Hathaway played every successful woman with passion and a heart.  Her plight at wanting to stay true to her family, her employees, and her vision while maintaining a sense of self is something with which many working women struggle.  It was easy to relate to her desire to grow her brand without sacrificing her home life.  As a matter of fact, as a young woman trying to do the same, it was impossible NOT to relate.

“The Intern” provides elements of intrigue, sadness, happiness, silliness, and an abundance of “aw” worthy moments.  If I had not already been in love with De Niro, this movie certainly would have pushed me over the edge.  He is at his most likeable and even the ever-criticized Anne Hathaway proved herself yet again as the strong, beautiful woman that she is.

If you enjoy inspirational, true-to-life comedies, I would not hesitate in recommending “The Intern” to you.

Take yourself on a nice “me date” and don’t skimp on the flowers. 🙂