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I Actually Started a Blog!

Welcome to everyone who got so bored that they decided to visit this page!  My goal is to cure your boredom, if only for a little while.  So sit down, get comfy and prepare to go cross-eyed while reading whatever mind-numbing post I’ve decided to publish!  As this is my first time blogging, please forgive the bare page and the plain design.  I’ve never been good with html and as such, I tend to skimp on pretty backgrounds and cool bells and whistles.  If it helps, open iTunes and play some techno in the background.

Actually, for this first post, I’m going to post a link and let you get to know me in a different way.  Way back in college; two years ago (or what I like to call an eternity), I used to act.  Yes, yes, I’m that girl.  Beginning my last year of college I turned my interests to writing, but being the ever superficial, attention-seeking actress that I am at heart, I cast myself in a short film that I scripted.  I’ve provided the link for you below.  Feel free to judge me.  I hope you get a kick out of it.  And start looking forward to future posts!