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How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

Broken hearts run rampant in our fantastically flawed world.  Human beings are fraught with poor decision making skills and we hurt one another constantly, whether intentionally or otherwise.  Worse yet, life throws us curve balls of its own, things having nothing to do with the callousness of humanity.

Hearts break every day to different extents.  (Mine gets a tiny tear every time I look at cheese. Lactose intolerance led me to the worst breakup of my life.  I still love you, Dairy.  It hurts me deeply that we can no longer be together).

Those are just the daily breaks.  The red nail polish spill- on your FAVORITE skirt, your favorite TV show- SPOILED, your favorite meal- BURNT.  You know, all that jazz.  They hurt but it’s a pretty quick rebound.

But how do you rebound from real heartbreak?  How do you heal once the true damage has been done?

What do you do when your grandfather passes away?  What do you do when your mother tells you that she has Cancer?  What do you do when the man you thought you’d marry leaves you?

I won’t pretend to know the answers to these questions.  I don’t have the answers.

There is no one definitive answer. 

Open yourself up to your friends and family.  Lean on them, as scary as that may be.  They will offer advice but remember that your experience is unique to you.  If you like the advice, take it.  If not, don’t.

Don’t be ashamed to heal in your own time; in your own way.

Personally, I rely on music to help…

It’s not much but I hope that perhaps it will help you in times of need, as it has helped me.  Remember that you have people who love you.  Let them love you.  Let them help you.

Best wishes to you.

The Young Heart

Photo by Kim Anderson

This poster has been hanging on the wall above my bed for years and I love it with every fiber of my being.  The innocence is striking and heart-melting.  Young love is sweet beyond measure and perhaps the most enviable of all loves.  It is pure, untainted, and kind.  “I like you.  You like me.  Let’s get married.”  If only the simplicity could last forever.

After years of admiring the chastity captured by this photo, I have put to words what I felt upon first glance.

The Young Heart

The young heart knows no bounds.

New to love, the young heart is free.

Within a young soul, each beat resounds.

Heartbreak lies above the realm of possibility.

The young heart knows no fear.

Love is simply a necessity.