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Gracias, Obrigado, Grazie, Merci & Thank You

I have spent the last few weeks marvelling at all of the things for which I am thankful.  Thanksgiving is fast approaching and while this post is rather timely, I wanted to write it not to jump on the gravy train, pardon the pun, (or don’t- haters gonna hate) but because giving thanks truly has been my saving grace over the past few months.

My religious beliefs may differ from yours, and that’s okay, but in constantly thanking God lately, I have felt much better about everything in my life.  I say this knowing that this has been one of my most difficult years, but I am still here and for that, I am grateful.

Maybe you don’t believe in God.  Maybe you believe in a different God. Maybe you believe in a Greater Power.  I don’t know your beliefs and I don’t need to because no matter what you believe, being grateful for all that you have is the wise and healthy choice.

There have been a great many struggles that I’ve faced this year, but I won’t waste any more time dwelling on the past.  I am doing my best to keep a positive outlook and remain thankful for EVERYTHING.

I am thankful for my employment, for the roof over my head, for my family and friends who love me and have been nothing but supportive in times of need, for the lessons I’ve learned, and for the fact that ABC Family has had a Disney marathon on all evening.

Sometimes, even the simplest things can make a difference.  Be positive.  Smile.  Say thank you. Love your life, even when it gets difficult.  I promise that it won’t stay that way forever.

Merry Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night. 😉


Love and Doritos

Hello my lovely, darling readers! 

Tonight’s episode is brought to you by wine and Doritos so please forgive me if I am not as coherent as I would like to be.  (Side note, for those of you who have never tried this combination, please do yourself a favor.  Get a bottle of blush wine, my choice being a White Zinfandel/Chardonnay blend, chill it and grab a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and you have a snack that is the equivalent of the purest of loves.)

Now that we’ve established how high class I am, let’s talk about love.  I have drunkenly decided to discuss relationships tonight.  What better way to discuss a relationship, right?  I could easily sum up relationships in one sentence:  THEY ARE HARD AS HELL.  But I suppose that would defeat the purpose of a blog.  So let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

Nothing in this world will ever be perfect, so it’s stupid to think the “best thing to happen to your life” would be simple.  Nope, relationships are hard work just like everything else in this life.  The only difference between this kind of work and the kind you get paid for is sex and sometimes they have that in common!  (Ooooh, low blow.)  I apologize.  Actually, no, I don’t.  That statement is entirely true and I will neither rescind nor apologize for it!  (Someone’s a little bitter…)

Truth is, love isn’t all peaches and cream.  Your prince charming isn’t going to ride up on a white horse, or a magic carpet, and sweep you off your feet  (Damn you, Disney)!  The sooner you realize that, the better.  Love is grand and love is great and because of that so many people make the mistake of idealizing it but from that point on, they are doomed to fail.  Stop using every tiny flaw as an excuse to end a relationship.  We have already established that nothing and no one is perfect, so knock it off.  (Now, let me remind you that these are the words of a very bitter, fearful, commitment-phobe.  I am young and a child of divorce so you have every right to take what I say with a grain of salt, or perhaps if you continue reading you will come to realize that I’m right; like I always am.)

I know far too many people who give up a great relationship because they are too curious of what else might be out there, they are unsure of their financial situation, they are afraid of love, or he wears his hair the wrong way.  Let’s be serious now, folks.  EVERY relationship has its difficulties; maybe he works too much and she feels neglected, or she’s a flirt and he feels threatened, or he wants all of her time and she needs a little more room to breathe.  Whatever the problem may be, take a second to seriously weigh it against its consequences.   So he works too much but he does it to support her and give her the life she always wanted.  Still a problem?  So she’s a flirt but you know that she would never betray you.  Better to leave her for the bitch that doesn’t flirt but throws fidelity out the window as soon as you turn your back?  Maybe he’s crowding your space, but have you told him that you’d like some time alone?  COMMUNICATE, YOU LAZY BASTARDS!!  (Says the girl who can’t express anything without a keyboard in front of her).  I’m not talking about abusive relationships, or those with drug dependencies or alcohol problems.  Those relationships require the help of a professional and I do not blame you or think less of you for getting out.

This blog is directed to those of you (perhaps some in your quarter-life crises) who want to run away from a good thing because you’re scared or confused.  I speak from experience.  As a young, bitter, child of divorce with commitment problems, I completely understand.  My instinct is to run at the first sign of difficulty so as to avoid any future pain.  It takes a conscious effort on my part to stop and think, “Are you overreacting again, dumbass?”  The answer is most often, yes.  My advice to you is to stop and ask yourself the same question.  Before you make a decision that you can’t take back, figure out what it is that you’re really worried about.


Yours truly,


P.S- This isn’t even what I set out to write but that’s what wine’ll do to you! 😉