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A Poet at Heart

I thought I might give you a little taste of my poetry as well.  I hope you enjoy. 🙂

Inner Conflict

Everything in me says move.

Everything in me says stay.

Moment to moment, emotions change.

Conflict is life.

Fight the confusion.

Fight the dissonance.

Fight or flight.

Move or stay.



Make a choice.

Rose-colored Glasses

Clear blue skies lose their beauty,

In a world of pink.

The colors of the changing leaves fade before you.

The green grass turns brown.

The music in the air floats by,

In a world of pink.

The pain may hide,

But so does love.

So does feeling.

So does life,

In a world of pink.

Embrace the world you live in.

See it for what it truly is,

Both the good and bad.

Experience this world,

If only for a moment,

Sans your rose-colored glasses.

Farewell to a world of pink.