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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Christmas is coming!  Christmas is coming!

Having just spent my “Black Friday” turning my town into a veritable Winter Wonderland, I am most definitely in the Christmas spirit. I’ve got my Christmas music on repeat, 24/7. It’s still November and I’ve already begun sending out Christmas cards because I AM SO EXCITED!

This is my favorite of all of the holiday seasons. I begin December with my birthday (which is all about me!) and then I get to spend the rest of the month singing (off key) to all of my favorite holiday songs and show-tunes (Oh yes, there will be show-tunes)!

There will be colorful lights, bows, Santas, reindeer, sleighs, mistletoe, CHRISTMAS TREES, Christmas movies and oh so much happiness!

How can anyone NOT be excited during the Christmas season?  Everything is just so…well…MERRY.  Heck, just walking down the Christmas aisle at Walgreens made me tear up a bit.  (I’m a really emotional person.  I just hide it well – well, when I’m not blogging).

People are nicer, kinder and much more giving over the holidays.  This is the season that breeds good deeds.  What’s not to love?

I am sure that I will be blogging about Christmas much more throughout the month of December but I needed to get out a little bit of my excitement for now.  My gift to you, for now, is ABC Family’s holiday lineup!  Check it out below and make sure you catch “Arthur Christmas,” it’s one of my favorites.

Happy Holidays!!


Arthur Christmas!!

I must say that I really enjoyed the trailers for Arthur Christmas but I have developed a completely rational fear of movie trailers lately.  My reason for this fear, is that trailers are most often an illusion.  They can make a good movie look great and an awful movie look fantastic.  More often than not these trailers fool me into believing that I am emptying my wallet for a masterpiece rather than the crap Hollywood prefers to mass-produce.  Today, after a marathon of “Lifetime” Christmas movies, I decided to take a risk; I bought a ticket to see ‘Arthur Christmas.’  Gladly, I can assure you that it was well-worth it and a brilliant end to my Christmas-movie marathon!

I sat in the theater and with the opening credits alone, was immediately transformed into a child again.  With my feet up on my seat, my arms wrapped around my knees pulling them close to my chest and a smile from ear to ear, I could not take my eyes off the screen.  “Arthur Christmas” is truly a unique holiday movie.

The film is a fantastic commentary on both the family and political dynamics disguised by Christmas cheer.  It was relatable and heartwarming all at once.  I don’t claim to be a great movie critic, mostly because I feel guilty giving away too many key points of a movie, so I won’t give away a thing.  I believe in offering you my opinion only.  The movie was very well done; a great story, great actors, great direction, and great animation.   You will develop a new appreciation for the work that they put in over at the North Pole.  Afterall, magic can only do so much.   If you need a bit of Christmas spirit, a couple of hours with Arthur Christmas should do the trick.


Okay, I’m calm now.


Okay, all better now.  Happy Holidays. 🙂