Month: January 2017

Falling in La La Love

I am at a loss for words.  Where to begin?

I am a mere 15 minutes removed from my first viewing of “La La Land” and my head is still spinning.  What a magnificently beautiful film.  It has been said before that the stage is an actor’s medium and film is reserved for the director.  If we hold to that old adage, then La La Land is reserved for the cinematographer.

I often find myself marveling at nuanced photographs – pictures, if you will.  I note the color, composition, subject, light, shadow, and emotion.  There are so many factors that can influence a photograph.  I have been working in film for a number of years now, but this is the first time in a long time that I was reminded that movies are indeed moving pictures.

This film is not just stunning in a metaphoric, euphoric sense.  This film is blindingly brilliant in both image and essence.

I could easily turn this into a love letter to La La Land‘s cinematographer-extraordinaire, but film is a collaborative effort.  The writer/director, choreographer, musicians, lyricists, set designers, actors, editors, producers (and the list goes on) all joined together in perfect unison to create an everlasting representation of what it is to fall in love.  Complete with imagination, fantasy, heartbreak and harsh reality, La La Land manages to capture the array of emotions we experience as we navigate the winding roads in and out of love.

La La Land deserves each and every accolade currently being drawn into its gravitational pull.  While I truly believe that this film is a cinematographer’s dream, it would be a disservice to the cast and crew of this inimitable masterpiece to pinpoint one aspect over another.

If you have ever been in love, you will revel in each and every moment of this journey.  If your heart has ever been broken, you will appreciate it all the more.  Life is beautiful if only we would take the time to stop and see it for what it is.  If you are struggling to see the light, see La La Land.


“Here’s to the ones who dream, 

Foolish as they may may seem.

Here’s to the hearts that ache,

Here’s to the mess we make.”

-The Fools Who Dream (La La Land)

la la land.jpg