Month: December 2012

Christmas in Heaven

I wanted to write something to address the tragedy that our nation is facing but the words just won’t come.  Nothing I can say will give life to the hurt we are feeling and nothing will bring back the lives we have lost.  My tears fall stronger as each day passes but my pain and the pain of my fellow countrymen cannot compare to those directly affected by this tragedy.  My heart breaks for the families of the souls we have lost and I pray that they will one day find peace.  I pray that they will one day feel joy again.  May God guide them through these times of sorrow.  

I cannot rid myself the image of unopened Christmas presents, sitting hidden in a closet, never to bring joy to their intended.  Twenty children, so eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival, never again to wait up for the sound of sleigh bells, never again to sit watch in front of the fireplace waiting to catch the big man himself.  Yet I choose to believe that although these children may never get to open presents Christmas morning, they will be meeting Santa come Christmas day.  I believe that Saint Nicholas will be waiting for their little souls in heaven, waiting with open arms to give them a Christmas they truly deserve; safe from the evils of this world.  They are home now, looking down on us. 

Joining them for this Christmas in Heaven will be their protectors.  The women who gave their lives for these little ones will be rewarded in heaven.  I’m not one to force my beliefs on others, but in this instance, I think it’s important to see that not all is without hope.  Not all is without joy.  I just hope that these thoughts can bring comfort to the grieving families and to a grieving nation.

We live in a world filled with terrible evils and despite the demons in our midst, we must not lose faith in human kind.  Remember the heroes who gave their lives to save these children.  Remember all of those who are eager and willing to help the distraught.  Remember that although there are unspeakable terrors in this world, goodness will always prevail.  Remember the fallen.  Remember the living.  Remember to LIVE.