Month: April 2012

The Break-Up

Break a heart or have your heart broken; it is a brave yet ignorant soul who dare tell me they cannot be one in the same.  Love is a passing notion, reliant on time and circumstance.  I love you now and I will carry you in my heart always and forever, but for now, the world has gotten the best of us.   I wanted so badly to make everything better, to make things simple but life had a different plan.

Your heart may break thousands of times through the years, but never let go of the love that once was.  Love will grow and love will change but the imprints left on your heart will forever remain.

Life will guide us in the direction we are meant to be.  Trust in that.  Never let go of that trust.

Un pedazo de ti se queda en mi corazon para siempre.  Para siempre.

Talking Myself Through the Nerves

Well, here I am, sitting in front of my computer about to write the most brilliant script of the year.  That is, if I can move past these nerves that always stop me from creating.  I have a tendency of putting such weight on things.  “This has to be the best script ever!  Everyone needs to love it!  IT. MUST. WIN. AWARDS!”  But, ya know what?  All that matters, is that I am happy with the final outcome and the only way to get there is to rid myself of this unnecessary anxiety.  What I write now is just a draft and there will be plenty of time to re-write and adjust it until I am happy with the finished result.

Not everyone will like what I create and that’s OKAY.  I will just have to keep reminding myself of that every so often amidst the many inevitable nervous breakdowns.  I have so many diferent ideas that I want to bring to life.  I just have to get over myself first.

Speaking of creating, here’s the link to my latest work.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  I’m all about the constructive criticism.  If you like it, awesome.  If not,  that’s OKAY.  🙂